Who is Bingle and why does that name come up so often in the cricket section?

  1. Friends,

    Who on earth is Bingle and why does that name come up so often in the cricket section?

    I know a Beyonce, but she does not play cricket.


    Only another person can hold a candle to Beyonce and I know for sure the name isnt Bingle !

    Rehman of Multan
    EDIT: No my firends I assure you I am not suffering from dementia, I have indeed heard that name here.
    Ange, really..ok I am enclosing a video of Beyonce (in the White House)..you can see our friend George W watching (and guess who–Tina Turner).

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    Maybe this will change people opinion here…ok my fellow cricket lovers , who rocks the most.

    I suspect majority will say Beyonce !

    With that wish you all Good Night.
    EDIT: Really bill, in that case we have a lot in common. I recently bought a collectors copy of the entire Tintin series, with the exception of Tintin and the Alph Art ! It was a birthday gift from someone who really knows me very well !
    Actually I bought it although it was a gift, you know what I mean. :)

    Answer by Ange!!
    Well MBTM loves to bring up her name.He is speaking of Lara Bingle,Michael Clarkes fiancee.I do think he is infactuated with her TBH.

  2. Michael Clarke Didnt Play Well Against India In Recent Test and ODI Series and his failure was one of the main factors for Australias Loss To India In VB Series Finals.

    Answer by Marco/Slash
    can i just ask what freaking planet are you from?! also your question makes it plainly obvious you are not an Aussie! Clarkes form has been fine, i distinctly remember him making at 118 vs India last summer, as well as 145 not out vs Sri Lanka at the start of the summer, and lets not forget that Sydney Test! what am i saying…of you havent forgotten about it, alot indian supporters still havent got over the fact that there side wasnt good enough at the time to draw that match and have to resort to accusations of cheating!

    and ODI form, 314 runs as a middle order batsman in the last CB series tells me his form is good!! and also that 130 in the washed ODI in India last year as well!

    3 wickets in a over to finish the test…a ton in his last test innings…yeah i think you mistaken, his form has been perfectly fine! so to answer your question, no, it hasnt affected him (mind you, i think she would take my mind off of cricket…lol)

    but clearly your knowledge of cricket is not great if you think Clarke is in bad form!!

    EDIT: Ange, im thinking about setting up a private group on yahoos groups site so that people talk to each other with a little more privacy and about other topics as well as cricket (such as footy or V8s and god knows what else), is it worth my bother?? that also goes for Binga and Kookee and others i cant be bothered naming (no offence if i forgot you lol)

    EDIT: whoever wants to give me a thumb down, firstly i feel i should tell you exactly where you can take that thumb and stick it!

  3. Answer by Marlbobama
    Bingle and where? Im sure theres a few free STD clinics a little south of there, maybe south of Richmond.