How do I go about trading phones with someone?

  1. I am thinking about trading my EnV Touch for a Droid Eris (a guy from craigslist). I am wondering has anyone done a cell phone trade and what should I do when I trade? Also some info on ESN checking and warranty transfer would be nice. Thanks for your help.

    Answer by laurabristow5
    I have not done a trade but I have sold my Verizon phones over Craigs List.
    Just make sure that both phones are OFF the Accounts (each owner, respectively).
    I dont know much about ESN and warranty transfers, sorry.
    When you trade: make sure you meet up in a public place and you inspect the item carefully before calling it a deal.

    hope that helps! Good Luck and Be Safe!

  2. I am talking about when youre only trading high-volume stocks. In this case, how would the stock simulator be different from real stock trading?


    Answer by KIRKUK
    i only trade penny stocks over here at present ….BUT ..i used to play on that sim …and the answer is pretty obvious …its TOTALLY emotionless …nothing more than a waste of time…rather like Yahoo…

  3. Im using tdameritrade for my trading. Does anyone know a better service for candlestick charting or is this one good enough?

    Answer by b2fnow
    If youre a trader, a web-based trading platform just wont cut it. Its delayed too much, it hangs and quits updating, and just try to trade a report or fast market — aint happenin. Ive traded side-by-side with a guy on Ameritrade, and he experienced all of these problems daily. I built the fastest computer we could put together for him, but when the markets went crazy with volatility, his computer would just freeze up — too much data coming in and no way to throttle it. Okay, he was running 6 monitors and had a lot of windows open, but you shouldnt be limited. We called Ameritrade several times, but no way to fix it on a browser-based system.

    You need a dedicated trading platform intalled on your computer with your own data feed that you can control. Etrade is the slowest, but most of the others are very competitive. TradeStation is the Cadillac, and TerraNovas Realtick is probably the fastest. Ive used these, but they are very expensive.

    Almost all trading platforms have candlestick charting now, in addition to the old bar charts and line charts.

    You dont say which market you are interested in, so nobody can point you to a particular platform, but Im presuming you trade stocks.


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    If youre also interested in futures and forex, then NinjaTrader software is the way to go, and it comes with a built in simulator. You can download it here:

    The futures and forex data feeds are free. I get better fills with forex futures, but have NinjaTrader with forex spot installed on a separate computer and trade both. Futures margins are less than anywhere Ive found, at $ 500 for forex futures and emini S&P and Dow.

    The data feed for stocks is $ 45/mo.

    Ive tried several forex brokers and trading platforms, but Ninjatrader rocks, and its free.

  4. I want to trade my shotgun partially for a dirtbike but i dont have the papers my dad does and he wont give them too me but i have the gun? How do i go about trading it??

    Answer by Lee M
    There is no gun registry in Texas so no paperwork is needed.

    if you own the gun and are over 18 (for long guns) you can trade it, give it away, or sell it without papers.

    You need to make reasonably sure that who ever you trade with is over 18, a Texas resident, and can posess a gun (I.e not a gang banger or anything) but those are the only restrictions.

    But ya know, I wonder why you would want to trade. The shotgun will last longer than a used dirt bike (like forever), and hunting is alot more fun than riding in the mud. :-)

    Maybe thats what your dad is trying to tell you by not giving you what ever paperwork he has.

  5. Does anyone use a proprietary trading firm for stock trading? I am looking for a good one to transfer my account to and am looking for suggestions.
    Right now, Im with SogoTrade with $ 3 trades. But I can only day trade 3x per 5-day rolling period, per the SEC because I have less than $ 25,000 in my account. With a prop firm, you dont have that restriction. You can daytrade with as little as $ 2500 as many times as you want. I want to get with a firm where I can do a trade, ride it up or down for about 10 cents and get out and then find another one without worrying about the 3x limit.

    Answer by DAVID
    start with researching…..

    1. Investopedia
    If you are just beginning to learn about the world of investments, Investopedia is your one-stop shop for anything and everything. Here, you can look up definitions of terms, register for newsletters with valuable information, use their stock simulator to see how much an investment earns or loses over time, and much more.
    2. Yahoo! Finance
    Yahoo! Finance is just too good. Aside from the myriad of company reports, which you are required to pay for, all of the information at Yahoo finance is free for the taking.
    3. Motley Fool
    Whether you are looking to do your own research, or prefer the advice of a seasoned veteran, The Motley Fool has it all.
    4. The Street
    If you pay any attention to the world of investing, you know the name Jim Cramer. Personally, I think he is little more than a caricature, but some people swear by him. Mr. Cramer is one of the big name contributors at The Street. That not withstanding, The Street is, in my humble opinion, the best website for investing related articles. The writers have vast knowledge and fantastic insight, without losing focus on what is important the investors for whom they write.
    5. Wall Street Journal
    For decades, the Wall Street Journal newspaper has been a staple for information and research for investors. The Wall Street Journal online delivers even more valuable information than its nearly obsolete predecessor. Nowadays, the Journals online presence includes The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Barrons, and SmartMoney, among others. All of these sites are valuable resources for investing information, especially when seeking out company-specific news.
    6. MSN Money
    Microsoft tends to be a pretty self-serving company, at least in my opinion. Even so, once you learn to glance over all of the Microsoft related news at MSN Money, what you get is another fantastic avenue for portfolio boosting. The one complaint I have with MSN Money is the formatting. When looking at stock quotes, there are no lines distinguishing ads from news or charts, which occasionally will take you off-course by clicking an advertisement by mistake.
    7. Zacks Investment Research
    Zacks does require a membership in order to get to the juicy stuff, but the membership is free and well worth the three minutes it takes to sign up. Here, you will be able to do in-depth research on both stocks and funds. You will also have access to many public and independent reports that will assist you on your quest for the perfect personal investment portfolio.
    8. Investor Guide
    Investor Guide has many of the same features youll notice on other sites on this list, so why does it make my top ten? The stock helper tool. First, this tool helps you to determine an optimal investing strategy and style. Then, it provides a list of companies for you to research. Once your list is complete, you will see what others think of each company on your research list. Investor Guide does a great job of aggregating this information from many different sites for you. You will then evaluate the companys competition, decide what to buy, and reap the benefits.
    9. Seeking Alpha
    Seeking Alpha is amazing. My one complaint is that there is actually too much information packed into one page, which at times can make it difficult to navigate. If it werent for the massive amount of content on Seeking Alpha, it would be much higher on this list. Company news is the main focus of the site, so if you have a list of companies to research, this is a pretty good place to start.
    10. Online Brokerages
    Personally, my account has been housed at Sharebuilder for years now, and their research tools are very good. In the beginning, they had a clumsy interface that was slow and filled with glitches. Since then, they have done an amazing job of streamlining and improving content to the point of near perfection. No matter who you invest with online, be sure to use their research tools, as most of them have easy to use interfaces with plenty of information to sort through. Some of the more popular online stock brokers include E*TRADE, TradeKing, Scottrade, and OptionsHouse.

    When you are looking to conduct your own investment research, closely monitor where you go online. It is very easy to end up on hot stock pick sites, penny stock investing sites, or poorly executed attempts at legitimacy. Many of these sites are fronts for someone to sell you their foolproof system or something similar. Everything I have provided above is free of charge, though a few of them offer paid services above and beyond what most of us need.

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