Dont Understand Your Arthritis? These Tips Can Help!

You may be able to eliminate some of your aches by taking a shower or bath. Both muscles and joints are soothed and relaxed by hot water. Spend as much time as you need under the hot water, and make sure the room is hot enough to prevent your muscles from tightening again once you turn the water off.

To relieve the pain of arthritis, you should try applying heat. Cold packs are good for reducing inflammation, but heat is better for stiff and sore arthritis symptoms. A hot pack will both help relieve your pain and make you feel more energized.

You need to exercise, but find out what is good for you first. Exercise keeps you healthy, flexible and fit. You want the inflammation-reducing effects of good low-impact exercise, but you also want to avoid pushing yourself too hard. Stop doing it if you begin to feel any pain. If your doctor has prescribed you painkilling medications for your arthritis, don’t hesitate to take them. All the arthritis drugs on the market have gone through rigorous phase I, II, III, and IV trials to convince the FDA that they are safe and effective. If you suffer from arthritis, ask your doctor about a special anti-inflammatory diet. This kind of diet can be very beneficial to arthritis sufferers and relieve the pain that accompanies the swelling. This dietary approach to many cases of arthritis has been successful in helping reduce or eliminate prescription pain medications. Remember that a positive attitude influences your physical well-being. If you are constantly thinking about your arthritis and the pain that you are suffering, you will feel it ever so much. Just focus on the moment instead of your body. Think about comforting things as this will ease your mind and help you get through the pain.

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